Pricing difference

I was on materials page on GF site and was looking at the acrylic and noticed a pricing difference when I went to buy it on the Shop site on GF

1/4" Thick Clear Acrylic on Materials Page a 12x20 sheet is $9.50
1/4" Thick Clear Acrylic on Shop Beta Page a 12x20 sheet is $18.00

Would like to get it for $9.50 but i’m sure that’s a typo? Or is it, is the clear half the price because there is no color?

I am not seeing it that way…

On the materials page I see;
Thick Clear Acrylic (Cast, Transparent, Glossy)
Starting at $6.50

When I go to the product page it list the 12x20 as $18. The Medium (1/8") size is $9.50 so must be a typo of some sort.

This is copied and pasted from the websites
Thick Clear Acrylic (Cast, Transparent, Glossy) Thick (1/4") 12" x 20" $9.50

This is a picture i took since i cant cut and paste it

Im going to pay the $18 just a heads up for them to fix the website

I suppose I was just mentioning posting a specific page or link to where you see that since I could not find the reference.

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Didn’t even know of that page.


Yeah, me neither - but for when support gets here a screenshot of the above (cuz I’m betting some of those other prices are old too!)

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I did not know about the materials page either! But yea, that definitely looks like a typo. That’s the price for the Medium Acrylic.

Thanks for letting us know about this. We try to keep the materials page up to date, but the most accurate pricing will always be available in the Materials Shop. We’ve updated the price here, and confirmed the shop pricing is correct.