Print button is yellow- have tried everything. SOS!

Hello! Here are the steps taken to remedy the yellow button of death:

Confirm WIFI is on and working
reset glowforge to set up mode and connected again to WIFI
cleaned mini fan on back of head
cleaned air assist fan
cleaned exhaust fan
temp is not an issue
unplugged/verified no debris/cleaned both ribbon connection points on back of head and circuit board
swamped to a different head that we have
NOTHING is working. What could possibly be happening?

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Yellow light generally means either a temperature error, or a communication problem or problem with the print head. Follow the support guide for troubleshooting connection problems with the head.

It has nothing to do with wifi or fans.

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What type of communication problem, and how could it be remedied? I listed everything we did, which included switching printer heads. What is a temperature error?

Bad cable, or bad connection to the cable on either end.

Temperature error means either above or below recommended operating temperature.

If it turns out to be cable-related, the machine will need to be replaced.

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So if we are running our machine inside at a 70 degree home but venting outside, where it’s 20 degrees, this could be the cause?

What is the temperature inside the machine?

It’s not cold at all- very similar to the temp in our home. Tubes are not cold, nothing. No cold air blowing into machine.

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If you’re letting the 20ºF air into your machine (connected to the vent when it’s not cutting) then this is the likely answer. Happens to me every Winter if I’m not quick in between jobs. What I usually end up doing is disconnecting from the outside, let the internal temp of the machine rise, then (re)start the job and then quick get the exhaust outside again (the cold air’s not going to get in while it’s running a job).


Will this open up a ticket? By reading other posts, we do believe it’s a cable issue. What pictures will I need to submit?

No. You need to use the ‘contact us here’ link on the support pages, and include as much detail detail as possible.

You still never said what the temperature inside the machine is.

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