Print Button Not Illuminated / Not Printing

Tonight I discovered that if any of the artwork is out of bounds and in the grayed out area to the left and bottom of the work area that nothing will happen. You can click Print, it’ll scan your material and then nothing will happen. In my case I was trying to print a registration mark cross right at the 0,0 of the work area.

It might be worth coding the GFUI to prompt with a message to inform the users of this. Even better would be to warn the user of this, and then have the path processing to laser everything that is possible to be cut, and mask/clip whatever is out of bounds.

I figured it out, but felt other users would likely encounter this same problem.

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That’s odd. I routinely “park” elements that I don’t want to print in the forbidden zone and the GF prints those that remain in-bounds. The only time I’ve seen what you describe is if I have a single element design or one with a bounding box around all the elements.

If you are comfortable sharing the file or even a screenshot illustrating the problem, I’m sure someone could help you directly. Good luck!


The registration mark in the bottom used to be a + and a circle, however I trimmed it up to this in order to get it to print. When the bottom and left portion of the O+ registration mark was overlapped by the grayed out area I couldn’t get the print button to light up.


If your design is all one layer and any part of that design is outside of the cut area the GF software will ignore the whole design. There is also an “artwork out of bounds” message that is displayed.

Mine was initially one layer, but two colors, as the registration mark was one color, and the part profile was on a second.

I don’t recall being prompted with an “Artwork out of bounds” message. Good to know that there’s a detection method in place.

I attempted to recreate the problem.

I just loaded my same file that was giving me problems yesterday, made sure the registration mark was clearly out of bounds, and tried to print.

I noticed two things.

  1. I got no “Artwork out of bounds” message

  2. It DID illuminate the print button and was ready to print, and provided the print path preview. Yesterday this wasn’t happening.

I currently have no logical explanation for this.

The message is “No Artwork” and it displays up near the Print button in the UI.

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Just now I was able to successfully recreate the “No Artwork” message by using the arrow keys to nudge the profile down into the gray.

Yep. That’s how I find the boundaries of my machine. I put a score line on the corner and nudge it down until it shows No Artwork. Then I nudge it up one tick and score it. That gives me a marker I can line up with a mark or tape on my honeycomb bed. :slight_smile:


Great minds think alike, nevermind the last half of that proverb. :smiley:

In your experience does the 0,0 of the machine have a tendency to float between power cycles? My gut is that it would a small amount, based on the fact that I believe the GF uses relative instead of absolute positioning, and re-homes on each power up.

Not materially. Since I’m aligning visually against a mark of indeterminate thickness. It’s certainly within usable tolerances of being able to place material and get the usable size in pretty much the same place each time.

I also do a scoring setup check to see how far off the camera view is from where the laser will actually hit. I make a crosshair mark in the center of the material on the bed and then score a + on it. See where it landed relative to the mark and use the nudge keys to move it over. My unit is off by 1R/2D in terms of nudges needed to get the object on the mark. That’s actually better than using an aiming laser like the Redsail.

I tend to keep the machine on all the time. I only recycle it once every week or so.

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I’m so sorry that happened and that I’m slow to reply.

I took a look at the logs for your machine, and it appears your print failed because you were attempting to engrave an open shape (the lines from the +).

If you change the lines to be scored instead, you should be able to print your design successfully.

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