Print button to pause a print? -- It's in the hopper



Would it be possible to make the big glowing print button pause a print that has started?

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Pause a print

How does it work currently? Push button to start, open lid to completely cancel?


that seems intuitive to me. i vote for it


Hopper, hopper, hopper.

I presume he meant top not stop.


I tried it two weeks ago and it had no effect. I gave feedback to the effect that it needs to do a pause or stop.


That is indeed in the hopper! It’s a popular request around GFHQ, too.

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This would be super helpful for those long engraves. I can totally see needed to pause while i go take care of other things and then resume later.


Definitely needed!


This is still needed now, almost two years later, right? I haven’t tried pausing a print mid-job using the big button yet, but I know that opening the top causes the job to cancel. Is anyone aware of the priority of this being fulfilled, or if it has been cancelled, or actually completed and I’m just a dufus?


Somebody knows, but we do/will not. It has not been completed at this time.


Thank you, Tom! Do you know if official GFHQ ever adds comments or questions or threads like this, are are they unlikely to respond here, or give out this sort of information in general?


They’ll absolutely respond to questions. But they don’t share roadmaps. Instead you’ll get a “Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make sure it gets to the appropriate team.” kind of response.

Also I’d think they’re unlikely to respond to necro-posts. I imagine they don’t get a notification on those. :wink:


TIL the term “necro-post”, which is awesome. Plus, Necromancer was my favorite Diablo 2 class to play, and apparently Blizzard is readding it (or already have) in a Diablo 3 expansion, which I vow to never actually try playing because I want to actually have a life.


Gmail - [Glowforge Owners Forum] [Problems and Support] Print button to pause a print_ – It’s in the hopper.pdf (105.7 KB)
Received the expected response back from Glowforge (but hey, at least they are responding!):

Hi Ryan,

It is still in the hopper, yes! Unfortunately, I don’t have any further information for you about that feature.


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This now works as requested. :slight_smile: