Print head moves but no laser fires

I’ve used my glowforge maybe 5 times since I purchased it, I just tried making a print and the laser stopped completely about a third of the way through the job. There are cuts, and then it sort of tapers off and stopped working. The print head will move just fine but the laser itself no longer fires at all.

I would very much like to not have a several thousand dollar paper weight after so few jobs on the device at all.

I see this seems to be a recurring problem but am unable to locate any good solutions.

Posting the date and time of the print will help support staff track down the issue. Sounds to me that it could be a faulty power supply.

Date was today, time was roughly 5:30 5:45 Eastern.

I tried a couple other prints after the laser died but the first one that sort of worked was around then.

Is a power supply an expensive replacement, something I can do myself or will it need to be shipped back to support.

I’ve replaced PC power supplies before.

If the issue is the power supply it is not a user serviceable part from what I understand and they need to be sent away for repair. other things to check would be if you have any cracked wheels on your gantry plate that the laser head sits on as they can break and moved the beam out of the correct location in relation to the head. if thats the case its a really eazy fix. and cleaning and inspecting the optics in the laser path like the 2 windows one on the left of the gantry one on the left side of the laser head the mirror in the head and the focus lens in the head.

Have you tried to print the gift of good measure with proofgrade draftboard as a test? From what I understand that is going to be one of the things asked of you. That and pictures of both sides of the print.

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Tried gift of good measure, nothing happened at all, board is completely untouched.

Checked the wheels - no cracks and no issues.

I cleaned all the various bits and followed the cleaning tutorial after I noticed it stopped firing.

I guess now it is a wait and see what support has to say :frowning: super bummed.

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Make sure your white cable (to the head) hasn’t come loose.

Hello @raen425, I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.