Print head replacement?

Being told I need a new print head after 2.5 years of owning my GFP.
Is it that or could it just be the lens? The lens has a “burn” dot in the center of it that will not clean… also, the lens keeps falling sideways in the print head. Tech support says I need a new print head for like $650!!! I am completely out of business as I cannot print anything.

That could be the reason you need a new head and not just a new lens.
Something ain’t right inside there.


But tech support wasn’t aware of that before saying I needed a new print head.

Hmm. Well it sounds like they were correct regardless.

It sounds like you were not able to communicate all of your issues to Support. How do you know the lens keeps falling sideways in the printhead? What error message do you get, if any, when you try to print?

You can soak the lens in alcohol and try to remove the burn dot, or you can replace the lens and see if that resolves your issue. If the Glowforge site is out of stock on the lens, you can purchase one from another supplier like American Photonics.


Because I remove to print head after I try and make a cut and it’s sitting in there sideways.

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