Print Lines Do Not Meet

My Glowforge has recently had problems with the print lines not meeting. It is not consistent but happens somewhere in every design I try to cut.

Those are two examples. Then the next time I cut this design those lines will meet but there will be issues somewhere else in the design.
I have cleaned all of the lenses, belts and fans. All 3 belts have been tightened.
I tried to calibrate the camera but it appears the head starts too far to the right. It will only print 18 icons on the board and then tries to print the 19th icon on the tray. At the end the head moves back to the upper left corner but not all the way. I can still move it manually about 2 inches to the left.

Not an expert here, but isn’t that usually a loose belt somewhere. My guess would be the carriage belt not being tight enough.
Merry Christmas to you!!


Normally I would think loose belt but if you have checked that I would carefully look at all the wheels moving those belts. I would definitely do the calibration after first turning the machine off and then on. Obviously the machine is losing its positioning and moving or being moved differently than the machine thinks is happening.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @ttamatt4.

I see you’ve emailed us and we’ll need some personal information, so I’m going to follow up there.

I’m going to close this ticket, be on the lookout for our email response shortly!