Print positioning problem

Hopefully, this is a total rookie error and not something actually wrong - I’d rather slap myself than the GF.

I’m working through the start here prints and doing the snap box. It started way over from the edge - so far that the last piece didn’t fit onto the board, even though it all looked correct on screen. I’ve attached a screen shot to show what I had.

I tried to redo things, but telling it to refresh bed image doesn’t seem to do anything other than say scanning. I tried to reload the project and it doesn’t reload - nothing shows up on the display. I also noticed it didn’t recognize the media type. I did a set focus, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

The cuts it did, it did great. My gift of good measure print was also much further from the edge than I expected, but being the first print I didn’t know if that was correct or not.

I don’t see a camera calibration option that I’ve read a couple of times on line.

Please help!!
Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 3.48.02 PM|690x377

Welcome. If your image does not refresh or you can’t get past scanning, you have probably lost wifi connection. Check to see if your machine says offline.

To calibrate the lid camera, follow this link:

One other thing, don’t move the print head when the machine is turned on. If the printhead gets bumped when the machine is on, turn the machine off, move the printhead to the home position and turn the Glowforge back on.


I had a problem once where something was supposed to cut in the back left corner, but it started cutting in the center of the machine. I didn’t know what was wrong, so I shut it of then back on and let it “center” again and it fixed itself. I realized I probably accidentally moved the print head manually while the power was on, so, yeah…that sounds a bit like what you are describing, so do what @dklgood said.


Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s a strip along the top and down the left side that doesn’t show in the camera image (because the head can’t go there). A lot of people just starting out are surprised when they place something all the way up or to the left and then find it’s not on the edge after all. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the replies. I don’t think I moved the print head, but it’s possible. I’ll be sure to check the wifi connection as well, and I’ll run a camera calibration. Hopefully, that’ll get me back on track.

Again, thanks for the help!


Thanks again to all with the suggestions. To close this out, all is well now. While I was doing the camera calibration print, I was able to see that the white ribbon cable was catching on something that kept the print head from going all the way to the left. I fixed this and it’s now printing the way I expected it too.


I’m glad you resolved it! Thank you everyone for your advice. I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!

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