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I am new to Glowforge…just got my machine last week and I have been experimenting. I attempting to cut 1/4" MDF. However, after many cuts (LOTS) it still will not cut all the way through. I am guessing that I have the wrong settings. Can anyone direct me as to what settings my machine should be at? I would like to cut letters out without completely scorching them.

Welcome @pljohansenfam. There are many, many topics about MDF. One just last week had some good points about problematic materials.

If this is thick Proofgrade, there should be no problem getting through in one pass. If it is true 1/4" thick MDF from a hardware store and you don’t know its composition, that could be a problem. MDF is wildly variable.

If you are not cutting Proofgrade MDF, then this will need to get moved to the Beyond the Manual category for further discussion.

Search cutting MDF 1/4".


Thanks for that information @marmak3261! Since this question is outside our team’s scope, I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual section so the discussion can continue there.

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