Print Size Questions

Can glowforge give some guidance on the current math of print size? Right now it seems that when printing a raster image, I am limited to very small size (6x7" maybe) even when running at 340lpi (this is the minimum I can do on images for quality reasons).

This is smaller than it used to be, and very limiting.

My question is, can someone give us some math concerning dimensions, LPI, and speed, so that we know exactly what the largest size of any image we put in will fit? Waiting for 15-20 mins for it to error out only to shrink it down and have it error out over and over again is so incredibly frustrating.

Please give us some way of knowing what will fit and print


The total time has to be less than about 3 hours. The time in minutes to engrave a rectangle would the area in square inches times the LPI divided by the speed in inches per minute plus a bit more of acceleration.

The formula for GF speed units to ipm is 4 + (engrave - 100) * 331 / 900.


I had a 3hr 4 min engrave last night, so its definitely close to that time.

However, with an engrave I did today, the largest I could get it to engrave only ended up taking 2hrs 30 mins. Even scaling it slightly caused failure, so its not just time based.

In addition to the buffer size limit, which is only total time, I think the cloud has complexity limits. Probably a limit on how long the processing takes and / or how much memory it uses.

Would you be willing to send a file that used to work but doesn’t know? I’d like to research more.

Sure. I have a few of them. I’ll send them over in the morning.

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