Print stop. Unable to complete

Can anyone help us try to figure this out??? I have been having issues for a couple of days and today my husband contact glowforge but they closed at 3 so they hurried him off the phone. First the machine sounds as if its running and when we go to check the laser isnt firing and the arms have stopped moving, this is occurs after its completed probably 3 mins of the print. Last night the thing was turning on and off all by itself and tonight its just not working. I did noticed that it feels easier to pull the head from the harness as if the magnets arent working as good as they did. I have only had this aura since November and here we are, and I cant complete my work. If someone could give us some ideas that would be great. I attempted to attach video but apparently its too long.

I have the same issue, constantly. I can get it to work again for about ten minutes if I fiddle with a few things:
Unplug it
Disconnect the laser head and clean the upper part of the fan. The Glowforge page tells you how.
Make sure the laser and camera eyes are clean.
Clean the track.
Check to see if your filter is turning on, and the hose is as short and straight as it can be.
Check to see if your browser and computer are updated.
Clear your cache.

You may have more luck than I have.

So I actually ended up having to send my aura back and they are sending me a replacement. I spent the last 3 weeks on the phone and emailing back and forth with glowforge. So we will see how the replacement machine works.

Was this free? Or did you have to pay? Mine is quitting after five minutes of every cut.

I didn’t have to pay anything, mine was still under warranty.

Great! Mine is being replaced too. I’m so glad

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