Print stop

is there anyone that keep getting offline and failed to print

That’s often either an issue with WiFi or with your art.
What are you printing? (GF art, or an uploaded file?)
When are you getting the error (as soon as you hit print/after it’s done some?)

I’ve been doing jobs for a while this afternoon and there has been no lag or delay.

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I am starting to think its my art because everything prints out except the n I think I may have to thicken the letters. this is the first time it ever did that also I may have to reset my internet I have FIOS which is fast however its 5pm meaning kids home from school and so on… I will reset everything and try again. thanks for responding .

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Glad you are back in business. It is really nice to learn the outcome of a posted problem. Thanks for letting others know the resolution.

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Glad to hear that you sorted out those issues! - I’m going to close this thread, please feel free to open up a new thread if you run into any trouble, or contact us via email