Print stops, button glows purple

Hello! I haven’t used my machine for a couple of weeks. I was able to set up a file normally and the GFUI loaded the project normally. When I pushed the glowing white button to start, the laser head moved normally for a couple of minutes, but no engraving happened. Then the whole thing stopped and now I’ve just got a glowing purple button. The GFUI was still counting down as though it was still working. This happened twice in a row, so I thought I’d check in here to see if anyone had ideas before I go any further. Thanks!

The purple button indicates a problem of some kind, so you’ll want to let support take a look at the logs to see what’s going on.

One thing that you might be able to check while you are waiting…check to make sure that all the lid cable connections are closed flat. Instructions for that can be seen here:

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Thanks - the clips appear to be in order, so I’ll get in touch with customer service.

Posting here opened a ticket for you. At this point you can just wait until they see it. (It’s about the same amount of time as if you send them an email, so you don’t gain anything by writing to them again, and duplicate tickets slow them down.)


I’ve just replied to your email about this and we are working on it there. So I’m going to close this thread.

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