Printed Acrylic Sheets

Hi Everyone!
I apologize if this is already been asked but I searched and could not find anything.

I was wondering if there are any places that print custom prints onto acrylic sheets? I am not sure if print is even the right term. I have seen on Etsy printed sheets of acrylic for laser cutters but would love to have some in my own patterns. Or just like Smokey Hill PatternPly Acrylic Black Plaid, Two Sided on Clear – Smokey Hill Designs

I would love to then be able to make cake toppers with the printed acrylic. Attached for my idea.

Also open to if this is something I can do myself to my clear acrylic sheets.


I understand you are able to sublimate onto acrylic. I’m not entirely sure of the process so I’ll let others chime in :smiley:

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There are quite a few printed acrylic sellers on Etsy. If you contact some of them, you may find someone willing to print your custom design - Smokey Hill Design might even custom print for the right price.


Those clear one are gorgeous - you may have sucked me in there :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as getting your designs - yes.
@dan used this one which does an image on the bottom of clear acrylic:

Also @amanda2 has her Etsy shop Handmade Custom Printed Items by Pixtured on Etsy that at least used to - but the shop is on a break now so I can’t confirm she still does.

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I have just started experimenting with acrylic and sublimation. It’s a work in process and I have had mixed results, but it does permanently put an image into acrylic.


You could sublimate, but the heat makes the acrylic bendy until it sets. I think you’re looking for someone with a UV printer…I don’t have one, it’s too expensive and massive, but there was one person on this forum who uses UV printing on her acrylic.


You might want to try printing on an adhesive film that you can stick to your acrylic. That’s what I did to make this night light:

What I used was this stuff for color laser printers that I got on Amazon. It’s pricey (I see the price is even higher than when I bought it a few years ago) but it really works well.

If you’re sticking it into cakes, you’d probably want to seal it with some food-safe sealer though.


This looks amazing! Would I print my prints on the adhesive file then apply it to acrylic then cut out on acrylic with it on with my glowforge? Or cut the acrylic then apply this after?

The film is polyester so should be safe to cut in your Glowforge. If it were me I’d experiment with both ways and see what I liked. It may be that too much acrylic cut residue gets deposited on the surface to do it that way, but if you seal it before cutting, the residue might clean off fairly easily.

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Do you have sealer you recommend? I am very new at this! Can’t wait to try this

Not really. Maybe the Krylon spray stuff in either matte or glossy? I would just have to experiment. You should make sure whatever you use is food safe, though.

Good luck!


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