Printer Head and Camera Calibration consistently "not completed"

We have had our Glowforge for two years now, and for at least 12 months in the current location in our home. Over the last few months we have started to consistently receive the “not completed” message when trying to calibrate the Glowforge. Glowforge support said there must be a problem with the printer head. We ordered a new one and receive the same message when trying to complete Printer Head setup. We haven’t moved wifi, the machine will still complete engraves, etc, we have a wireless booster by the machine and on and on.

We’ve seen a very similar issue posted before but the resolution was taken outside of the forum and we are reaching out to see what that resolution wound up being. At this point we are in a frustrating loop with support who’s only solution now is to have us send the machine in, taking us down for likely 8 weeks. Any assistance is appreciated.

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It was my understanding that the lid camera calibration failed most often because of an unstable wifi signal. Your home wifi could be experiencing intermittent interference that causes minor instability. You can try setting up your Glowforge to use your phone’s cellular service rather than your home wifi and see if you can complete the lid camera calibration.

The lid camera calibration is something that came along after many of us had had our Glowforges for a couple of years. It was helpful for alignment, but has nothing at all to do with the performance of the Glowforge. There is no need to run the lid camera calibration more than once unless you have moved your machine in a rough manner - and probably not even then.

It is frustrating to take the time to perform the calibration and then have it fail, but you don’t lose the ability to use your machine. As you stated, the machine still completes engraves, etc. If you need very precise placements of design elements, you will need to make a jig or you can utilize the placement tool and a grid specific to your machine.


As you got the same error while trying to set up the new print head, it’s likely there is an issue with the connection from the main control board to the head, possibly in the large grey ribbon cable or related connectors. Support will beed to check the logs again.

I do agree with the above, that calibration failing is often related to wifi. With my first machine, calibration was the only time I ever had an issue with wifi, and I had to set up a 2nd router (that I already had from prior residence) to solve it - repeaters/boosters were not helping.


Try using your phone’s hotspot instead of wifi for the calibration and setup.
I never have any trouble with general GF use, on my home wifi but can’t get calibration to complete unless I’m using the hotspot. That process is long and needs a stable signal much more than a strong signal.


thanks for that! we’re in the same boat - never any normal issues only calibrations/setups.

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really appreciate that context.

thanks for the info!

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