Printer head Lens falls out

My Lens started falling out of the printer head! you will have to buy a whole new head for $600 + $17 Shipping (7/10/23) for a $.10 cent magnet to hold it in, they know what is going on but will feed you a line of bull to get you to spend more money with them!!they say they can’t send a magnet for it because it is sealed. That part has nothing to do with anything sealed, I used to like glowforge but they are getting pretty greedy! Even the community has better customer service than GF does!

What you are blaming on greed is actually standard business practice. In mechanical systems often individual components are not sold separately. The standard solution is “Next higher assembly”, in this case, it’s the head. Glowforge is marketed to the general public and many don’t have the tools, skill, understanding, or ability to perform repairs. There is no conspiracy to squeeze money out of you.
Your missing magnet should be sticking to the lens. Me? I would glue it back into its seat.


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