Printer Head Lens FELL OUT

HELP! I just got my Glowforge for Christmas and I just unhooked my printer head to check the air assist fan behind it because I thought the laser was making more sparks than usual and as I unhooked it and picked it up, the lens just fell out of the bottom. Of course, it hit the fold up door in front of the crumb tray and fell onto the ceramic tile and shattered. Could there have been something wrong with it? I haven’t used the tool to remove it and would it be covered under warranty since my Glowforge was new in December?

I am sorry for this accident.

The only party that can give an accurate answer to your question, is Glowforge support and I assume you have contacted them. The lens is a consumable item and available for purchase in the Glowforge store. I urge you to order one immediately so that you can return to printing.

If you were successfully cutting just prior to removing the printhead, it is unlikely there was anything wrong with the machine.


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