Printer head lens scratched

Please tell me this isn’t what I’m afraid it is!

Is this something I can clean off or is it actually damaged from within?

Those look like scratches, so no doubt time to replace the lens if it doesn’t polish/clean up with a Zeiss Wipe.


Looks to me like the lens is cracked too. I have to wonder what kind of activity would scratch like that.
If the lens is allowed to collect smoke film, it will give the laser something to deposit its heat energy on. Enough heat and it could crack.
The lens is a softer material than glass and should only be cleaned with wipes specifically made for optics. Even Kleenex will scratch it.


ok thank you. I’ve ordered another one. Just waiting for it to arrive.

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These are what you want for your optics. Compare prices between vendors, but stick with a designated optics wipe.


Every Walmart optical department sells them too.


Really? I didn’t know that. Is it called the same thing?

They are at all of my local stores.

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