Printer head moving but laser not firing

I now see that this is a common issue, but I am still waiting on an additional response from support. They responded yesterday, but seems today they have not responded at all. I’ve heard horror stories on the back and forth with support and just need answers. I’ve had my machine since mid-October 2020. Its worked great and I’ve been able to fill my steady orders that come into my shop.

A couple days ago, the machine was working fine. I attempted to work on the 3rd file that day and then came into some issues. It began engraving and stopped after 2-3 minutes. The printer head continued to move but the laser was not firing. The file was the same file I’ve cute more than 50 times. Its a common purchase in my shop. I had to leave the house, so I turned the machine off and attempted again the next morning. The printer head moved and again no laser.

I’ve cleaned the lenses, the mirror, fans, etc. I’ve attempted the ‘gift of good measure’ which provided the same results. The printer head moved with no laser response. Once it was ‘completed’ it cooled down for a sec and then the timer began again, but the printer head didn’t move the second time around.

I have 5 open orders that I need to fill. I’m aware that I may need to team with a local machine owner and then place my shop in vacation mode until its repaired/fixed. Please help!

Sorry I don’t have the solution, but welcome to the forum! Support will come along and help you. They will want to know the date and time when you ran the Gift of Good Measure so they can check the logs on your laser. They will also want pictures of the front and back of the Proofgrade material you tried to print it on. I am assuming they will also want pics of all of your lenses and mirrors. They will tell you, but it may save you some time if you take those pics and post them in this thread.

Teaming up with a local GF owner is a great idea. They will likely reciprocate if they have similar issues.’


I often help with these type of situations. What is your Etsy shop so we can see what type of work you might need coverage with. Also, what is your city/state? Have you looked to see if there is a local makers space with a glowforge?

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FYI opening a ticket here while you already have one open with support will slow down their response. They will have to find/verify/close this one before they can respond via email. If you’ve already had one conversation it means they’ve had you check the easy things and now they’re having an engineer review the logs to see if they can figure out something else that you can fix at home. If they can’t you’re going to need to box up your machine and ship it back in for repair which can take weeks - so be prepared.

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Oops good to know. I didn’t realize since I saw many similar posts.

My Etsy shop is Knockonwooddecorshop. Yes, I reached it to a local owner and they agreed to help me out next week. I went head and pushed the shipping back with my orders and advised that I was having technical difficulties. I also put my shop in vacation mode. Hopefully that goes well.


Thanks! Yes, I provided them the date and time. Just waiting for an additional response.

I love shops with plans :slight_smile: IMO, you’re a good small business owner… so many people don’t include break downs of machines in their business strategy. Well let me know if you need any shop support from a fellow glowforger. Staff will hopefully be by soon and help get you back up and running.

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I have this exact same issue!! it was working just fine last week when i had to replace the lens and now my laser won’t fire but everything else functions just fine! also waiting on a response for my ticket, let me know if you hear back a solution i also have an entire weekend of work to get done that I took of the normal job to get done! ugh!

You will need to open your own support request. They will only address individual tickets and by posting on another person’s thread, it won’t be of any help to you.

UPDATE: Glowforge support has reached back out and have resolved my issue!


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!