Printer head not moving when start up

My printer head will not move on start up anymore. I even reset WiFi multiple times, i also checked all the cables on the hood, and even tried the re-center trick (move head to middle under camera and then turn on) but still nothing and it makes the normal start up noises (fan starts up, and the little ticks noises), and the camera will not take a picture shows error. I’ve tried multiple things but still nothing. It sucks because I have three project I have to finish my Tuesday!! I’m stressing out please any help will be grateful

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Sounds like you door lid camera is not taking the initial bed picture. If it can’t take a picture, the unit just sits there doing nothing. You should however, get an error saying the lid camera cannot take a picture…. The problem, most likely is the back lid ribbon cable, depending on the age of the machine. I have encountered another cause, when cleaning the lid glass window, if you get cleaner into the connectors, it will short them out causing the camera not to work. If this is the case, unplug the machine, gently remove each cable end and using alcohol, and a q-tip, gently seep alcohol into the connectors… allow the alcohol to evaporate. When they dry out, reconnect each cable end, and close the tabs. Plug the machine in a power it up.

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Thank you so much for this great info. Yes I was getting that error and took the proper steps all the ribbon cables were still connected so I am so confused at what the problem is. I’m going to try what you recommended today. You’re saying disconnect the ribbon cables and swab them? What connectors are you specifically talking about? Thanks I’m advance

If the error is the result of using cleaner on, or around the lid glass and the connectors, then it will most likely be the two connectors, on each side of the lid, as well as the white cable that connects to the camera. If it was not due to cleaning, then I would suggest it is the black ribbon cable, it’s self. Support will provide one free of charge if the unit is under warranty or you can purchase one through the online store.

… also, use 99% isopropyl alcohol, if possible