Printer head not printing. What did you do?

UI has changed and now my Glow forge wont print. What did you do? Undo it now so I can use my machine. I know for a fact that you have changed the UI because now all the material setting has gone to zero and will not change.

I can understand your frustration. We’re all just owners here, there’s no longer staff monitoring the forum regularly - that’s why the category is called “Community Support” now.

So! Let’s figure out what’s up with your machine.

Can you post a picture of your UI showing the whole bed from the commands on the left to the name of your machine on the right?
Can you successfully print the Gift of Good Measure (a :glowforge: provided design)?

The printer goes through the motions but does nothing. The printer head moves and the red beam flashes to indicate the position. When I go into settings as if I were to manually set it, then the power is at zero and the speed goes no higher than 500. It’s always been able to go to 1000. Even typing in 1000 doesn’t work.

Even the gift of good measure won’t print out.

I hope this works

With the power set to 1, you won’t see anything on your print.


THIS ^^^^ in spades! You can’t engrave/cut anything with NO power.


Exactly my point. It keeps going back to zero no matter what I do.

Click on the back word, and then select the proofgrade cut setting. See if that helps. The maple plywood settings will cut just about any medium thickness wood you put in your laser. Good luck.

Ok first - cuts have only ever gone to 500. Engraves go to 1000. As you can see, it’s the same on my machine.

If you click Go on the Gift of Good Measure when the command says “Cut” (not 500/1 or any other variation) and you still get nothing it’s possible your laser tube has died…but many of us are on year 5 with the same tube so unless you’re a very heavy user that’s not likely.

Can you show us the set-up when you’ve got the Gift of Good Measure ready to go - and what happens after you’ve hit go?

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Also: Known behavior: If you go Manual settings and click somewhere else without hitting the “Back” link, it’ll be defaulted to 1 Power and stay there. Both as a safety and probable liability thing, Manual starts at 1 Power so you have to purposely make the laser strong enough to burn things.

If you are using the Cut and Engrave automated settings or you manually turn the power up to something that will mark and still be safe and theres none of the lasering happening, then either there’s an issue with the power supply or as @deirdrebeth said, theres an issue with the tube.


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