Printer head not working

GF has deemed my printer head to be bad. Last Wednesday morning they were supposed to send an invoice so I could get a new print head. Now I can’t get any response via email or phone call. Can someone please help? My machine has been down 7 days now and I’m losing so much money turning away work.

Unfortunately support doesn’t read these posts. The only people here are users like you.


Frustratingly, it’s par for the course for Glowforge to not respond to your ticket again until they have an update for you. If they haven’t been able to order your print head yet – perhaps they’re waiting on a response from the fulfillment partner that stocks them, perhaps they’re waiting for stock to arrive – you won’t get that invoice until then. Keep checking in but expect a wait.

It’s a good time to plan for how you’re going to handle downtime for maintenance/repairs in the future. These machines are full of things that wear out over time, so you’re never going to be able to count on it being available 365 days a year. If you’re getting enough business, a second laser may be an option. If not, partnering with another laser owner or maker space in your area to fulfill orders may be a possibility.


I have a Mira 9 on the way, so I’m not worried about the future. Just making it until it arrives… Maybe they are waiting on the fulfillment center, but that’s not what their emails said.

I’m hoping a mod will see it.

It worked. I got an email back. Thanks y’all!

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