Hi! I had an air assist error code that keeps popping up. Emailed support and sent pics and they are saying my printer head is damaged and needs to be replaced. It’s only 2 years old. Anyone have experience with how long these should last? And what could have damaged it? It worked fine, had it off for 2 weeks and then wouldn’t print when I turned it back on. I did nothing to the machine in between it working and not working.

The print head provides power to the carriage plate, and the air assist fan connected to that plate, via four gold spring-loaded pins on the bottom that rest on pads on the plate to make an electrical connection. Those pins can become gunked up with sticky vaporized material and stuck in a retracted state so they don’t make a good connection any more… that’s about the only reason I can imagine to blame the print head for air assist errors. You may be able to fix that by holding an (90%+ isopropyl) alcohol soaked cotton ball or swab against the pins for a while perhaps?


I appreciate that info! They asked if the pins spring back up and they do, so I’m not sure why they would say that it’s broken? Trying to avoid the $600 charge!

Are the pins the big white ribbon cable connects to also clean and intact? I guess they could see something in the machine’s logs that point to the print head connection being the problem. Sorry you’re having to replace it.


I guess it has to be something in the print log. It’s just so weird that it worked fine and now it doesn’t. :(. Thanks for the suggestions!!

Unfortunate. The head on my machine has worked fine for almost 5 years. Before I gave up, I would do as Dan said and clean the pins and the pads they contact with alcohol and a Qtip.


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