Printing a second "ghost" image not shown on screen

Wanted to ask for help to better understand an issue that I had the other day, and to see if others have seen this at all. I was doing some test printing using an SVG file that I dragged and dropped into the GF, I moved my design from the corner closer to the center to match the material and got all my settings updated and ready to go. When I saw the print time, it seemed odd that it was longer that I would’ve thought, but I went ahead and started printing. While watching the printer, I noticed that the printer started printing in an area that had no image to print (and no material either, so I paused and cancelled the print. Finally when I went to the dashboard, I noticed that my job had a second image in that area, that coincide with the first spot where my file was dropped, but it was not showing in my printing screen, almost like the image stayed there and duplicated in the new location. Any ideas with this issue? I’ve only had it happen once, but trying to better understand the issue

Normally the printer will not engrave white, but if you have the background a hair off white the Glowforge will try and engrave it.

If you are using a Jpg the compression stuff will have a lot of that. If you want only black and white I bump the image into a raster program and bump the contrast to max that will put white back to white and black back to black. Then saved as a PNG it will be much cleaner.


thanks @rbtdanforth for your comment, what the GF was printing (or trying to print) was literally the same image that I was trying to print, but in a different spot, it started to try after printing the actual image that I was expecting. The reason that I know it was not white or something else is because when I went to the dashboard it was showing the double image there (but not on the printing screen at that moment that the job was executing. Almost like the original image never left from the original spot when it was imported after I moved it to the center (although it wasn’t showing there)

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Almost any raster editor will do an increased contrast and export it as a PNG that you can drop into an SVG file. There are many ways to put a vector outline on it but if you use the GFUI Outline feature It will tell you right away where it sees non-white areas.

If you are willing and able to share the source file, we could take a look and likely determine if there’s an issue with it.

I’ve never heard of the UI duplicating a design unless commanded to.

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