Printing Area

I have the problem that when I go to print I cannot see the complete printing area

Can you post a screen capture of what you are seeing? Several things can cause parts of the screen to be hidden.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 6.18.39 PM

Something is off with that. You should not have cuts that extend behind the surface overlay on the left. Although the scale on the viewable area is fine.

I’m wondering if you can try dragging the image of the bed slightly to see if it moves…

Hold down the space bar on the keyboard and click on the view of the bed and drag it to the right…see if it shifts.

Or you might try refreshing your browser. Or the screen view.

It moves to the right but I can’t see the full print area

Can you post another screen shot? (We never see the whole sheet of material, but you should see further to the left than you do.)

Nope! Still looks odd.

Support is going to have to take a look at it I think. Sorry, that was all I could think of to try.

Did you clear cache and try a browser refresh?

thanks !!

How do I contact glowforge support?

You have done so by posting here - they will respond ASAP (usually under a day)

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Not sure how he cut the hold down pins that far to the left (maybe with the pass thru?) but the screen shot looks very normal to me. It shows everything from 0 to 20" and nothing to the left of zero. Exactly like mine. We never see material to the left of zero. There is an inch or so of material on the left side that can’t be seen.

Unless I misunderstand what you have said.


I agree. Board could have been moved etc. also about 1 inch on the top that can’t be seen either.

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I am a complete dunce…the possiblity that the pins were cut on the the right side of the bed with the material flipped over wasn’t one I initially considered. The only part that bothers me about that view is that the pins are hidden behind the overlay on the left.

Is it possible that you cut those pins out on the right side of the machine? In which case there isn’t anything wrong with the view there.

This is what we should see on the bed…there is an overlay with the rulers on it that hides the left inch or so of material, as shown in the diagram:


thank you very much to everyone who helped

I’m sorry that you’ve hit a snag. I’m glad to see that you already received some great information from our other community members. Thanks folks!

I also noticed that you emailed us about this topic. I’ve sent you a response there with some further information, and I’m going to close this thread.