Printing is horrible

Please help! We printed a recipe yesterday it turned out perfect! Today is awful! The line is double the size and words are not printing. Just a bunch of random marks. The only thing we did was change Mother to Mama. We have tried several times sometimes it gives us measurement incorrect message but other times it doesn’t. We have recalibrate once and trying it again now. This is an order that is suppose to go out tomorrow. Any help is appreciated.

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Did you happen to clean the lens in the head? The wide lines suggests a focus problem. If the lens is installed upside down that would do it.


No but we do have it printing now. We put the measurement in it instead of set focus and it is printing perfectly. Our calipers were dead so couldn’t do that last night. Thank you for responding!! I don’t unrestand why the set focus didn’t work because that is what we did the first time but thankful it is printing.


That seems odd, set focus is all I ever use and it hasn’t missed yet. I hate it when something I have grown to trust betrays me. Hopefully, support will have some insight.
Glad you are back in action! :sunglasses:

Yeah, mine are really good but old. as a consequence there is no auto-shutoff. I remove the battery when I’m finished, but since set focus, I don’t use them anymore.


and that’s why I have dial calipers. :slight_smile:

bad enough when a mouse battery goes dead or the remote to something.


I would clean that up in Gimp first as it could separate the brown from the black and perhaps even make the text more readable, etc. to make a cleaner engrave ((unless of course, you want the wood grain to show up) :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! @ca_worth I am sorry to hear you ran into trouble with Set Focus. It sounds like you were able to resolve the issue and get the print results you were looking for. In regards to a potential problem with Set Focus, You can go ahead and send in a photo of the bottom of the print head and I will be happy to take a look for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a photo for reference-

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