Printing on an angle

I have replaced the fan attachement and the mirror. Cleaned everything and my Glowforge is still printing on an angle. Haven’t checked the cutting. It was cutting larger that it should before I replaced everything. Just waited a week for the mirror to arrive and nothing has changed. Help!

Can you explain a little more about printing on an angle? Were you in touch with Glowforge support that suggested you needed a new mirror to rectify this situation or is this something you determined on your own? Also which way is the angle skewed?


I had a blemish on the mirror and I saw that in a forum or somewhere that if you have a blemish to get a new one so I did. I always have the in line carriage plate handy in case of an emergency so replaced that right away. I was just lucky to get support on the phone five min ago, after searching for the number. It was the belt attached to the carriage that needed to be a tiny bit moved and tighter. Working perfect now.
Now that I have the number stored in my phone I will call them and not use the email system as it takes days to fix any issues.
Thank you for responding to help message for help. Have an awesome day!


Glad all is well!