Printing on bamboo

My glowforge will not print on a bamboo charcuterie board. It imprints a clear image.
What do I need to do to print?

It would help if we had a picture, just drag and drop one on this thread. What power setting did you use?


Are you certain that the settings are sufficient to engrave? Is the board within the focus range of the Glowforge?


1000/full works just fine on bamboo here.


What setting,are you using? I’ve done literally 3 to 4 dozen cutting boards a d I’ve noticed on bamboo if you set the laser power to high it will scorch certain parts of the board and barely touch other parts. What I’ve done is hand sand the bamboo with 120 or 150 grit paper and itopens the pore of wood alittle so its easier to engrave. It took a few mistakes to figure it out but so far its been working in my favor hope this helps


I used full power.

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Yes it is.

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