Prints, print hours and logs

I know this has been covered, but the answers are not helpful to me. Hoping there is an update, or if nothing else point to the need for one. How do I view the number of prints and number of print hours on my machine? I found the way to look at the logs when the unit is in broadcast/setup mode, but that does not work when once on the local network. Do I really have to take the unit offline and put it on another network to get the logs? Even if I get them, can they be read or is Glowforge the only ones with access?

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There’s no update, the unhelpful answers still apply. :slight_smile:


I get it that they want to keep it proprietary. And that makes some sense given the safety side of laser operation. However, it is not difficult to run a single status page on the internal webserver that has those things on it as a courtesy to their users? All my printers have that for supplies and status. Like every proprietary platform before, what turns on some users, turns off others.

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I’m one of many with you that would love some way to track hours. In my mind there would be something similar to your millage on a car. A total hours run tracker and a “trip milage” option that the user could reset. This would be so helpful for maintenance tracking. Let’s say you do a complete cleaning every 40 hours of laser run time, you hit 40, clean, and then reset the tracker back to zero.

The complexity could be as simple as above or as complex as being able to track individual items of the Glowforge. One for the print head, one for each fan, one for the laser itself. We know they can track times from the annual email saying how far your print head has traveled. Why not make it visible to the user?


AFAIK the only way to get logs is per @vee


Yep, take it off a perfectly good network and put it on another…

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Yeah, you’re linking to access the log files…the “perfectly good network” can’t do that. Not sure if you’re misunderstanding how access points work, or something else.


Hi, @sje7120
I’m so sorry to hear about your frustration about getting your print count and logs. This is something that we are looking into but isn’t available at this time. I will pass your feedback on to the team! Thanks for the suggestion!

See potential solution in this thread:

A job report could include that info and standardize the info for troubleshooting, potentially making things easier on everyone.

@sje7120 thank you! I will share your feedback.