Pro Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Fan died and now its time to really give this baby a deep clean. I’ve searched for exhaust fan cleaning and see a lot of help for basic and plus. For the pro, what do you do with the Thermoelectric cooler? Do you remove it? Move it out of the way? How do I get to the exhaust to remove it now that I finally have the top off (thanks all for the tips on this one).


How did you get the top off?

I don’t have a Pro, but I believe what you’re looking for is in here:

The official fan cleaning instructions are on the support site.

thank you, I have that and will be rolling outside soon as the degreaser arrives. Hoping there was more advice to the removal and deep clean concept. I see lots for the basic, but nothing for the pro that talks about the cooling unit.

thank you! I saw a ‘not sanctioned by Glowforge’ there and that makes me nervous. I might have to simply wait on the degreaser to arrive (3-5 week delivery).

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Well, that was definitely a team effort. We found the instructions showing you how to located and push in the tabs and it pulls off. Not simply, but not impossible. But now I’m open and sort of stuck. The only other method was one that involves a product that takes 3-5 weeks to deliver on amazon


Yeah, those instructions were written before there were “sanctioned” instructions. Part of me thinks that’s part of why there are now official ones :slight_smile:

I don’t have the option of rolling outside, so I’ve never used the official ones (other than to use them to get the fan spinning), but I’m also a very light user so I haven’t had to do a deep cleaning.


Thanks for the answer @geek2nurse , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any additional questions, go ahead and post a new topic.