Pro Heat Limits

Firstly, i apologise if this is covered elsewhere, please feel free to merge if that is the case.

What is the heat limitation on the Pro units?
I am leaning to upgrading my Basic to Pro purely because of the heat issues with the Basic.

As an example; it is Winter here in Australia, i am sitting in a room without air-con that is at 20C. I don’t like the idea of only being able to use my GF Basic for just 4-8 months of the year

I know the Pro comes with Cooling, but is that cooling going to be able to cope with, say, a 30C ambient temp?


Looking on the main site I don’t see the operating range for the pro. They are saying 60-75df for the basic. The pro will have a peltier but will also have 5 more watts for the tube.
My totally unprofessional opinion is that even with the pro you are going to need to chill some air. Maybe not the house or office but at least the area right around the unit.
I picked up a 8k btu floor unit that I can blow right at the intake.


i mean who knows, ultimately, but i feel like they’ve hinted that you shouldn’t have any such limitations with the pro.

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Yeah had a look at the Stats on the main site too and it was light on this sort of direct info (for a change :roll_eyes:)

That was the feeling i received too… but i generally don’t like to put money down on an ‘feeling’


Dan suggested the Pro in warmer temperatures but was also careful to not say what those operating temps were. Also said the Pro would require cool down LESS or not at all but not that it wouldn’t require a cooldown. Notice that I distinctly remember the word less. Unfortunately don’t have a reliable connection for a search.


Peltiers do at most 40 degrees cooling below ambient temp I believe. That’s for a single stack. They can be stacked on top of one another for additional cooling, but I’m pretty sure they are using a single stack in this config. I would think the Pro would be able to start at a higher ambient temp, after that I would think it would be able to keep going until the heat generated by the tube overcame the capacity of the Peltier.


Have to admit I’m concerned about the Temp limits. I live in the Caribbean and i’m not fond of ’


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Move to Canada! You can use your Glowforge for about 8 months of the year, and the other 4 months of it is great for recharging your creative battery in nature! :smiley:


LOL, would not mind doing that.

I lived on Whidby Island off Seattle for a while and thought that beautiful… everyone tells me Canada takes it up a notch.


I was stationed there at Oak Harbour, it is beautiful up there.


The actual limit comes from the temperature of the coolant, not the room. We’re still investigating so we can say “when it’s X degrees out , here’s what you can expect”. Your feedback on the Basic has helped a lot! Once we get Pro units in more hands we’ll be able to give better expectations for them.