Pro not printing

Only had my pro for 2 weeks. I’ve cut/engraved 3 things now it won’t print or cut. Help!

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We need a little more information to help you. Is the laser going through the motions but doing nothing? Is it not moving at all? Does the print button flash? Is this a known file? Have you changed the settings?


It’s is going through the motion but isn’t printing. Yes, the print button flashes. No files work. Not sure if I have or haven’t changed the settings.

Go back to square one. Put in a piece of Proofgrade Medium Draftboard, and load up the “Gift of Good Measure” design from your library. The first thing you ever printed. Print it again, making sure the steps on the left side of the screen say “cut”, “score” and “engrave” underneath rather than any custom settings. That’s your “printer test page” that verifies your Glowforge is working normally. It flexes all of your Glowforge’s functions which is why they have you print it right after unboxing, to see if there is any shipping damage or factory defect right away. If that prints fine, then the problem lies with your file or settings. If it doesn’t, then you know something’s really wrong and can contact support for a warranty claim.



It is now saying print stop due to material thickness. Crumb tray is in properly and wood is laying flat

What type of wood is on top of the tray?


Medium drag board. I restarted the machine by cutting it on then off now it’s printing. How do I know what settings to use when I upload a design?

You need to work through the Glowforge tutorials. you select Proofgrade materials, the Glowforge interface automatically sets the cut/score/engrave settings for that material. If you select “Uncertified materials” you will have to manually input settings for that material. The settings you use are dependent on the material, not the design.


Thanks for all of your help

Lots of people here to help. Work through the tutorials and understand how the Glowforge works before launching into big projects. Wood and acrylic is too expensive to waste. Good luck.


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