Pro Pass not working

Is anyone else pro pass not working? For me, it’s not even starting the first cut. It keeps saying print unsuccessful without even starting.

One thing to watch is the front margin…make sure the design isn’t touching the gray bar at the bottom of the screen, because that will stop the print from processing.

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I’m putting the design in the middle of my board. Really far away from the bottom so that’s definitely not the issue

It’s also weird too cause it’s only happening with the pass through enabled I can do normal cuts just fine. I thought it was a problem with the design so I tried a differEnt one and I still get the smae error

Well, the only other thing I can think to try is to turn off the machine and turn it back on…might have a dropped signal somewhere. And make sure all the windows and lenses are clean. (Support might be able to see something from the logs, but you’ll probably want to give a time estimate and time zone when it happened…helps them to narrow it down.)

Before they had Pro passthrough I was making the design in multiple parts and colors where I wanted the break to be and then just did them sliding the material down as well as the design.

By aligning the right side strongly to the right side rail you only need the up/down arrows to slide the design down and by sliding the material hard against the rail you can keep the rotation issues down. Then if you can have the cut across vertical places in the design there can be a millimeter error up and down without wrecking the design (I make that part a har longer for that reason)

This worked before the passthrough thing was a thing and I still go there as I can as it is easier to use.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. I see you emailed us as well, and I’ve just responded.

To simplify our communication going forward, I’m going to close this post.