Pro Passthrough “Print Unsuccessful” during the first print

I have had a few Pro Passthrough prints fail with “Print Unsuccessful” alert. I’ve tried different designs and it seems to fail at different points each time. I’ve had success with Passthrough many times. Even when it fails, it can remember where it was. This current issue is skipping to the second print when it fails.

I found a few other threads that had similar issues, but no solution was included.

Skipping to the second section is something I don’t remember seeing…support is going to want to look into it. (Means a much longer response time if they have to track it down, but it’s good that you notified them of it so they can get started looking.)

If you can remember the time and date of the last print that skipped that way, it will help them to locate it.

@Jules I should have been more specific in my original post. Thanks for pointing that out.

When the print fails, “Print Unsuccessful” gives me the options to Align Manually or Cancel Print. When I select Align Manually, I get a new file called ‘(Pro Passthrough Remainder)’ that is the second print, when it only completed part of the first print.

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Oh, okay…remember when the last time it happened was? (They have to search the logs and that helps them to narrow it down.)

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Yes, this happened last night 3/26 around 9:00pm CST and today 3/27 at 11:00am CST.

Oh no, I’m so sorry you’ve hit a snag. Thank you so much for including the time of the error in question.

We’re seeing this issue too, and we’re investigating further.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific time to resolution, but I’ll update you as soon as I have additional information.

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Thank you!

Has there been any resolve for this issue? I continue to have the same problem. Went through the steps support gave the first time I had it and it was fixed. Now having again, went through same steps, with no luck!

Thanks for checking in! We are still currently investigating the snag, but we are working hard to have this resolved. I do not currently have a set date for resolution, but we’ll send over a response once additional information is available. I appreciate your patience during this time , as I know this can cause a hamper on your work load. Thank you for being awesome :slight_smile:

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Hi @zachubb89, and others who may be watching this thread! We haven’t forgotten about you, and thank you so much for your patience while the team investigated the issue here. We’ve made a change that we believe should help address this behavior. Could you please try one of the passthrough prints that was giving you trouble previously, and let us know how it goes? Thank you!


It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email