Pro “Print Cancelled”

My ‘Forge started doing a weird thing this weekend. I uploaded art, pushed the blinking button. The machine did the usual spin-up, but the head just stayed put. Then it spun down and the app said the print was cancelled. Clicked print again, pushed the button, and it printed normally. This happened numerous times, and power cycling, quitting the app, and rebooting didn’t help. As my machine has operated flawlessly for a year and a half, it really gave me a lump in my throat!! Any ideas what I should do?

Print Cancelled seems to be mostly a wifi drop issue - the staff response to someone else with the same issue is here: Print Cancelled Alarm

If it was just a blip and doesn’t occur regularly I wouldn’t stress. Make an offering of 2 bits to the wifi gods and move forward. Likely there’s a new device (yours or a neighbors) that’s running on a similar frequency. If it becomes a constant annoyance there are things like buying dedicated routers (or ones where you can assign channels) and things like that

Fingers crossed it’s a blip


I would think that too, but it happened consistently all day. Fail first, work fine second. I will assess the WiFi sitch, though. My neighborhood is quite radio dense. Thanks for your input!

Support can probably jump into your logs and get a reason for the activity.


I think this is what would happen if the “magic staple” (safety interlock) plug on the back is disconnected or loose. Worth taking a look.

Correction: It actually has a specific message for the safety interlock, so that’s not what’s going on here. Never mind.

That used to be the behavior when it was too warm to print. But, I thought that behavior was changed recently - it should start the print and just run the fans until it’s cool enough.

I’m so sorry for the trouble.

The logs indicate the interlock was briefly opening then closing.

Would you take a picture for me of the interlock on the back of your Glowforge Pro?

If the little metal bar isn’t settled into place the way it is in the picture, press it in and then try your print again.

Reseating the bar may also help if you see this behavior in the future.

I haven’t seen any recent logs showing this. Can you let me know if you’re still having trouble?

@chris1 You were right! We have an Interlock error that would be displayed if the interlock stayed open, but in this case, it’s closing too quickly.

I squished the magic staple a bit-it was so loose I can’t believe it didn’t come out before! I think my fan is dirty enough for a clean, and it has a new vibration when it spins up. I think it was enough to jiggle the interlock and appear to the ‘forge that there was a real problem for a sec. A little squeeze and it’s snug as a bug. No more issues. Thanks so much for the speedy assist! This machine is so awesome, and you guys are why that’s so. :blush:


Thanks for letting us know that all is well! I’m going to close this thread. Please start a new one if you have any more trouble.