Pro runs loud

How loud is the Glowforge Pro supposed to be? It is significantly louder than the GF Plus I had before. I think it is fan noise, as its loud and a whirring sound. It starts as soon as you run the print.

Might want to elaborate on that a bit. Fan noise? Stepper motor noise? Something else?


Thank you for reaching out to our team about this, and we’ll be happy to take a look with you! Would you be able to share a video so our team can listen for anything unusual.

Regarding your previous Glowforge that was quieter: When you used the previous unit was it attached to an air filter or did you vent directly out of a window? When attached to an air filter with the “Glowforge Air Filter Attached” toggled turned on in the app, the built-in exhaust fan inside a Glowforge runs at a much lower speed and is significantly quieter.

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