Pro-shields not letting the door completely close

I am not really worried about this. I am just posting this here for the sake of documenting the issue.

After installing the pro-shields the lid no longer closed as tightly as it did before. The front lip of the GF lid settled about 8 mm higher than before. It does seem like it still closed enough, hence why I am not worried about it. I left them on for about two weeks to see if it would settle. After that, I removed them again as I just like the lid to close flush. I will use them when I need to use the GF in a public space, but otherwise, I will leave them off.

Surely having the lid 8mm higher would have a big effect on the camera alignment. Have you noticed that?

I did not notice, though I also did not think to look for a difference either.

Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m sorry for my slow response.

If you notice any changes in your prints or have any other concerns please let me know.

Happy printing!