Pro vs basic

I’m thinking about upgrading from basic to pro. The problem is, I’m not sure if its necessary, and was hoping to see some images or videos posted on YouTube to show the difference. I know there’s a pass through and a higher watt laser, but would really like to see how the pass through looks like in an actual printing process to decide.


We have been told that the Pro can cut up to 15% faster than the Basic. Also, it was originally designed to operate for longer periods than the Basic without requiring a cool down. None of the Pre-release operators have experienced the Basic needing to pause for cool down so we are not sure how important that feature will be. At this time there have been no public demonstrations or videos of the Pro in action. The Basic went into Production a few days ago. The Pro is due to be in Production soon but we (the forum members) have no other information.


In the April 2017 Update, there a pics (but no video) in the 3rd and 4th sections:


I have had the same thought. Do we lose our place in line if we upgrade?

Sort of. You’ll go into the Pro line which is different than the basic but you keep your original order date. So you’d be in the same spot you’d be if you ordered pro in the first place.

Is that true? I thought if you “upgrade” it’s actually a cancel and then a new purchase.

I can’t say how it’s currently handled but I originally ordered the basic on the first day of the campaign and then just over a month later upgraded to a Pro with filter and my purchase info still lists the original time (Sep 24, 2015 12:25 PM)


Not from a spot in the line standpoint. @dan has said on multiple occasions you retain your place in line. You will have to pay the difference between the pre-order price and today’s retail price.


Okay. Cool. Just wanted to make sure everybody’s on the same page. :slight_smile:

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This is right.

You’ll be happy with either the Basic or the Pro… but you’ll be even happier with the Pro!


Any update on the Pro line?? I really hope we get some more information about the Pro status and some options for the Pro backers (if delayed again) in the June update. For that matter - I hope we get a June status update soon!

I’m headed to Seattle towards the end of the month for an Alaskan cruise!
I would be more than happy to take @dan Dan and/or @Bailey out to lunch or something to get a status update in person! That would also help my credibility with the wife, who is just convinced this Glowforge :glowforge: thing I’ve been talking about daily is just in my imagination!

Bailey you hooked me up with tickets for the NY Maker faire and I think the least I can do is buy you lunch! BTW - after experiencing the Glowforge :glowforge: in person at the Maker Faire I have to admit it exceeded my expectations! The build quality is simply amazing!!


That’s my reaction too. Especially with my experience with cheap Chinese lasers and more industrial ones. The GF is definitely a home or office appliance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i suspect we’ll be getting the june update today or tomorrow, probably, and i’m sure it’ll have some pro info on it.


We ordered a basic back in October 2016. Thinking of upgrading to a Pro now, but our order page says we are ineligible for an upgrade. How is that possible?

You can either send an email directly to or start a new Topic here in the Problems and Support section telling them about the problem.

(The new Topic is to make sure that they see it - they don’t keep re-reading old topics.)

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Indeed, as Jules says, shooting an email to support is the best way to get that solved.