Problem and Support

I contacted support on Friday night because my machine is not cutting through. I received an automated response with suggestions on Saturday morning. I did what was asked and sent pictures of my lenses and cut as requested back to them about an hour later and still have not heard back. Is this normal to not hear back from them? Its been 4 days!! Stressed because I have an order and no machine to make it with. Any suggestions?

I think you’ll hear from them, soon. This post will jog them, too…so hang in there.

They’re not actually open on the weekends so your response went into the queue with everyone else’s. They should respond in person today, but as you sent them more data they may be running it up the tech support chain.

You will need to be patient, since sadly opening a 2nd ticket by posting here actually slows them down since they have to find/verify/close this one before they can respond to your email ticket.

This might be a great opportunity to create a backup plan for your business. Find out if there are rental lasers in your area, or even other :glowforge: users you can subcontract to!

Fingers crossed it’s something simple and you’ll hear from them shortly.


thank you

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Thank you

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