Problem rendering SVG in GFUI, displays correctly in Inkscape

I’m writing a program to generate SVGs for cutting boxes and I’m having a weird problem with part of the SVG. All the box parts show just fine in my program and in Inkscape but one of lines is placed incorrectly when I pull the file into the GFUI. I’m not an SVG expert so it could be somehow I’m generating it incorrectly but it shows fine everywhere but the GFUI. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve gone through my code a ton to see if I might have messed up somewhere and can’t find anything. I’m using p5.js and the p5js-svg library.

In the image the bad lines are the left side of the bottom 2 pieces. They’re supposed to be the left side and are ending up on the bottom.


Not exactly sure what is causing the problem. But was able to fix it. The GFUI won’t be able to process the text as is and the lines in question come in as a different color than the rest. Different colors mean those two lines will have different settings. But neither of those by themselves will cause the different placement.

Anyway, to fix the problem I selected the boxes (without the text) in Inkscape and selected Path-Combine. All of the lines were originally different segments. Still don’t understand why but it works. Also, always save a file as Plain SVG not Inkscape SVG.



I don’t know anything about SVG either, but I did open your file in TextWrangler and found the following on line 3:


First of all, if it’s a defs close tag I think the slash should be at the beginning. But also I found no open defs tag. So I don’t know if this is a problem with your program or with Inkscape but you might look into it. (Had to remove the carets so Discourse would display it).

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Thanks @rpegg and @cynd11 . @matt4, did their replies take care of your question?

They did help, but not directly. I think this is a bug in the GF software. Based on the suggestions I rearranged some of my code to generate the bottom parts of the box differently and it fixed it. But at the same time the middle section of the boxes broke in the same way with no changes to that.

I’m certainly not a SVG expert when it comes to “the” standard. Seems almost every piece of S/W interprets things differently. Some of these interpretations are more forgiving than others.

But your box sides seem to be made up of individual lines that have no relationship to each other. Each short segment is not attached to the next segment. Instead of a path roughly in the shape of a notched rectangle, a side is made up of 44 individual, unconnected lines. If the UI interpreted it correctly, I would think that the laser might jump all around the place cutting each individual line rather than following a single path around the rectangle. Grouping lines together is not the same thing as joining segments.


You’re exactly right. Your first comment made me rethink how I was drawing the box and now I’m doing it with a path around the sides, which is working fine in the GF software. But since all the image editors / viewers I used showed the collection of lines correctly except for the GF, I think it’s still a bug in how they’re interpreting the SVG.

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Thanks for replying. I’ll continue looking into this.

We’re seeing this too and we are continuing to look into it. I’m going to close this thread, but if you see the issue again, please post a new topic or email us at