Problem & Support thread closures

A lot of times the closures of threads in P&S for items that have also been reported via email are pretty non-explanatory (along the lines of we’ve replied to your email report kind of thing).

This one was good I thought but since the thread was closed I couldn’t provide the feedback there, that this is a nice way to deal with the situation where there’s an email case opened as well.

@Dan_H’s response let us all know who were trying to help or wondering what the situation was, what the outcome and solution to the problem is. (We don’t know what the cause was but we can see the resolution which is fine.)


Many of us have waited for many months and put our own credit on the line to receive the glowforge for our public schools or libraries. However, we have receive no updates on the where Glowforge is in the process of obtaining a National Recognized Testing Laboratory Update (NRRL), which is needed in most states and federal workplaces. If we knew that they had to wait until the filtration system is in place or that they are likely to receive the certification/endorsement occur within 6 months, I would likely not cancel my order. The lack of communication is frustrating and worrisome. Just keep us informed.

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