Problem with Air Filter

I have been in communication since October 12th in regards to my Air Filter and a problem. We worked on resolution however it seems that there is quite a delay in time to reply to communication. I understand the amount of emails and there is usually a 24 hour wait time for replies. I have been patiently waiting. While working through resolution, I ordered another filter that I was told would ship immediately after paying. I placed that order last Thursday and it still isn’t showing shipped. Please advise about Air Filter, replacement box for Glowforge Pro and steps to return air filter. Thanks for your time.

so the 24 hours is for first contact, which you’ve had. They don’t tend to do touches if they don’t have anything new to report - which is probably the hole you’ve found yourself in. Sadly starting new threads - or sending new emails - opens a new ticket in their system which they have to find, verify, and close before they can go back to the old one…so it actually slows them down. Your best bet is to reply to the thread you already have going via email.

They don’t ship from their offices so they’re likely waiting to get confirmation from the factory that they have a new filter available. You’ll see them pop in here to close this thread and should receive an email in response at the same time.

Hi @rickv1013. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get this issue resolved for you. I’ve checked in on your order, and emailed you with an update, so I’m going to close this topic.