Problem with focusing

Like the title says…
At first, I could cut without using the set focus option and just entering the material height.
Then, if I didn’t set focus, the material would not cut all the way through, no matter what setting I was using.
Then, the set focus option started to send me an error message (Error with your Glowforge, close and reopen browser)
Then, the set focus option would work for 4-5 cuts and after it just would not work at all anymore.
Then, the button became orange without having cut anything and the app was stuck on focusing.

I checked the wifi as instructed
I cleaned EVERYTHING as instructed (all mirrors, lenses, circuit boards and fans (including air assist)
I put EVERYTHING back as instructed

So I took photos and here we are…

Note: While taking the photos, I noticed that a pin was missing from the printer head’s white ribbon (on the far right)… I KNOW this is bad, but is it SO bad that I can’t use my machine anymore? Is it the reason it’s doing that?

Thank you!!


Yeah, that broken pin is bad.

Hopefully the whole machine won’t need to be sent in to replace the head.


I really hope not! This is my 2nd machine! I had to wait for 3 weeks to get it and it was in October! So, no profits from Halloween and the beggining of Holiday stuff! :’(

With that broken/missing pin, about all you can do is wait to hear from support now. Sorry.

The service is absolutely ridiculous! I am having the exact same issue. I’ve only had my GF for two weeks. Now they want to send me a refurbished model but I sent some follow up questions and I got radio silence. I wish I never bought a glowforge. I should have just bought a Boss laser or some other Chinese laser. At this point, I would never recommend Glowforge to anyone. When it works it’s slick, but from what I’ve been reading, their business model appears to be to send us crap, then offer to send a refurbished model but don’t respond to customers and when they do, it takes days for a response. And who knows how long it will take to get this refurbished model. I have orders waiting and it’s the Christmas season. This is hands down the worst customer service of any product I’ve ever had.

The customer service is really awful!
Took three weeks for me to receive my refurb! At first they said within 10 days, then within 10 business days, then 14 days, then 14 business days… It took 21 days!!! Mid-october! During Halloween/beggining of Christmas stuff!

How is your refurb working?

Well, it WAS going great… Now with the no focusing problem, I’m not sure anymore… It worked in the evening for a few hours, but I lost a whole day trying to solve this!

Yeah. Ugh.

Does anyone remember we are in the midst of a Pandemic and with the local Governments shutting business down most if not all of these people are working from home and doing the best they can. Also, you also should remember that GF is in Washington and the West Coast is basically closed. Their suppliers are all around the country and they are trying to work within their local guidelines…

If you really want to complain, complain to the Government and all these Doctors that informing the local Governments. Also, the numbers are surging even though we are doing exactly what we are being told to do… :thinking:

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Erm… I don’t remember asking questions about the current pandemic… Glowforge was having problems with their customer’s service before that…

What I’m saying is: You don’t know when I’ll get it… Don’t tell me 10 days! Tell me a month! Then, if I get it sooner, I’ll be happy!

Please do not pollute my post (in which I wish to have answers about the problem I currently am facing) by bringing politics into it! Thanks

Again if you have issue with the way CS is not responding this not the place to complain about the service. You can do that via an email… We all have issues…

Hello @genevieve.meunier, Thank you for reaching out to us and for sending over the photos. I’m so sorry to see that you have a broken printer head pin! The broken pin is the cause of the trouble you’re experiencing and unfortunately this is not something that we will be able to repair remotely. We will need to send you a replacement unit.

Since we’ll need to confirm some personal information, I’m sending you a separate email with next steps. If you do not receive the email within the next 30 minutes, please check your spam/junk mail folder. Once I know you have received my email, I will close this forum thread.

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I see that you received my email. I’m going to go ahead and close this post now.

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Hi @jnbernier, I’m sorry to hear that your support experience has been so frustrating. We strive to do better and I sincerely apologize for the delay in communications from our team.

I located your ticket in our system and have informed the team that has it to contact you ASAP. You should receive a response soon.