Problem with Glowforge Proofgrade order

Still waiting to hear back on support ticket 66124. I ordered 10 pieces of of Med Draftboard and only received 4. I was asked to email my invoice. It is such a horrible print. But here it is.! I did a screen shot of my american express purchases with glowforge. The first was the extra from the free stuff included with the glowforge, the $90ish was a bunch of different things and the $45 was the order for 10 draftboard. If you look at the bottom right corner on the invoice you can see the it says quantity 4…

Yeah, the packing list I received with my shipment of PG a few weeks back looked like that. It looked like a relic from the '80s.

Thank you for following up @mccormickmania. I’ve followed up on our email thread!

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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I’ve removed the image since it has personal information.

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