Problem with homing and fan randomly turns on

I know this is a problem a lot of people have had and so i havent said anything in the past when its happened to me. In the past all i had to do was wait over night and it wouldnt get stuck homing the next day. However it has been a week and not only is it still a problem but also now on start up the fan randomly turns on for a second then shuts off. After that it attempts to home but gets stuck and just sits there forever. I did the magic turn it off and on again and the head went all the way to the side of the machine with the button then the steppers started making horrible noises so i shut it off. any ideas? ive seen that problems homing can be wifi related but nothings changed its the same setup its been running fine on for months and its even in the same room as the router so definitely not a signal strength problem.

i know about the update @Jules and ive cleaned it ive been using this thing for so long i have a system now.

nothing seems to be fixing it

Okay. How did you know what I was typing? ROFL!

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haha i just saw that you where typing and had read a bunch of other similar posts so i guessed


That’s pretty funny. :smile:

(Just make sure you don’t turn it off while it is loading the update and before the Startup Calibration finishes…I think that’s how they get stuck.)

just seams funny that the fan and homing problems would hit at the exact same time

the first time this happened i let it sit for a while and so if it was updating it would have had plenty of time.

Yep, support might need to look at the logs.
(psychic psych) :rofl:

The homing problem can’t say, but the fan turning on for a second or two was part of the “Sleep” update. Happens to everyone at calibration.


saw the tip about the fan cleaning. If my fan looks anything like the parts of the machine i dont clean then its probably in desperate need.

Now because i posted about it its started working again. At least it did this time.

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For the homing problem, make sure the lid camera and the top of the printer head are cleaned at a minimum. The camera needs to see the logo on top of the head.


I’m sorry you ran into trouble. I’ve investigated the logs and sensor readings from your Glowforge, and for the homings that failed around the time of your report, there appeared to be some buildup of dust and residue on the camera. When the camera lens is dirty or obstructed in this way, it may cause calibration problems. I also checked the same logs for the next successful homing, and things appeared much clearer, with no buildup.

If you run into this again, could you please follow the steps located on our support page here for “Things That Need Wiping”? If you still run into trouble, please start a new thread or let us know at Happy printing!