Problems accessing the Forum via AT&T Cellular

Wanted to let the community know (already emailed support) that it appears there is an issue trying to access the forum using At&t mobile service, at least in the western suburbs of Chicago.

When on. Cellular service, I cannot connect to - but it works fine when accessing via Xfinity / Comcast home internet.

Other websites seemed to be fine, and even the main page worked but directly typing the community page (or using the link on the main page) is resulting in a cannot reach / connect to server error page.

Interestingly, this issue happens when on AT&T “in the wild” or even using an AT&T MicroCell tower to connect to the AT&T network via my Xfinity internet. (As we have poor AT&T service in the basement at our home).

Would be interested to see if others are experiencing something similar. Dropped this in Everything Else since i didn’t want to open a second ticket, but did want to let others know about the issue.

I’ve never had a problem. I’m posting this via an AT&T LTE connection right now.

Reading on AT&T near Asheville, NC.

Hadn’t ever had an issue until today, but it’s still happening for me currently. Just verified again, from two different At&t devices.

An additional piece of info - it appears to only be a problem on Safari. Chrome on the same devices works fine.

I’m using Safari on AT&T right now in Northwest Washington. Works fine from here

Thanks. Don’t know if it’s an issue with cookies on my devices or what. I have seen other reports of people running into something similar for certain websites in the past with AT&T. Really weird.

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