Problems already

I have only used my Glowforge to cut a few things and now I can’t get it to:

  1. cut all the way through the board
  2. It is cutting twice and when it make a second round it is cutting a whole different second line.
    I have cleaned the lens and that didn’t help. I am frustrated because I should have been able to cut more then a few small projects.

Hello and welcome to the community. First, a few questions for you to answer.

What machine are you using…performance (basic, pro, plus), Aura, or Spark?
Is your material Proofgrade?

When you can give more information, we can sure try to help.


Welcome to the forum.

The Glowforge interface does not add passes. Your file must have a double line in your file which happens quite often and is hard to see. As for not cutting through, if the material is not Proofgrade material from Glowforge you may have to do some tests to determine the best settings. If it is Proofgrade material, Glowforge guarantees that it will cut if the optics are clean and the proper material is selected.

It can be very frustrating and intimidating when you are just starting out. We will help you get this fixed so you can have fun with your laser.

What Glowforge do you have? What material are you having trouble cutting? Have you been successful cutting a known file such as the Glowforge Gift of Good Measure? Have you completed the Glowforge tutorials?


Well, the Aura/Spark automatically set cuts to use multiple passes for most materials thicker than cardstock.


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