Problems with re-cutting a failed cut

I was cutting out a scoreboard for Cornhole, and everything went fine except for 1 number, and a mounting hole. I tried to re-align only the items I needed to re-cut, but it definitely does not line up with the camera properly. Here are a couple pics. Is it possible to do a re-cut once you’ve moved it? I definitely thought I had them aligned but the actual cut is way off. Do I need to calibrate something?

! IMG_0694|375x500

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There are a couple of things you can do.

First is to always check to make sure the cut is complete before you move the material on the bed, because that is one sure way to make sure the second cut lands in exactly the same place. Anything subsequent is going to be a little bit off. (As you discovered, so no secret there.)

Second thing is to run the Camera Recalibration tool, and use the Set Focus before you print on it. Set Focus is going to make adjustments for the camera fisheye distortion wherever it is clicked. So you’ll be able to get much better visual alignment at that spot. The Recalibrator will improve the visual alignment overall.


to add to this - the closer to directly beneath the lid camera you are, the more accurate the image is - so if you have moved the material, try to get the part you want to re-do directly under the lid camera, and then use Set Focus :slight_smile:


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