Problems with the fan?

My Gf has not returned to work since the yellow button appeared, does anyone know a solution? the fan does not rotate

If the fan does not rotate, you will likely need to check the pins to see if one is damaged or broken.

There is a previous instruction by @pip that will show you how you can check the pins. You can post the picture here and it will speed up the diagnosis of the problem.

(Deleted for clarity…wasn’t the issue.)


Have never received an overtemp. But didn’t think the exhaust fan is supposed to rotate during cool down. Just the electronics cooling fan on the right side and the pump. Am I wrong?

No, good point…I assumed she meant it wasn’t rotating at all. (Probably won’t hurt to check the pins anyway, but it might not be necessary.)

Support can probably check something on their end to see what’s going on.

You showed how to check the head fan. I think the person was talking about the exhaust fan. There was another post talking about the exhaust fan connector today. Too tired to look for it.

I must specify that I speak of the fan from the back, I did not know that the head also has one, what seems strange to me is, if it is hot because it does not turn the fan to accelerate the cooling process?

Chuckle! Actually, I was just trying to get her some instructions on checking the pins. I’m too lazy to pull mine apart and take pictures when the staff has already got a bunch of good ones loaded up. :smile:

No, the exhaust fan doesn’t run while it is cooling I don’t believe - so if you are just waiting for the pause to end, there is nothing wrong with the machine…when it finishes cooling down, your print will resume. (And you don’t need to check the pins, so I’m going to delete that link. Don’t want to confuse the issue.)

the “pause” is taking 3 weeks and the yellow button never disappeared

Ooookay…three weeks is definitely a problem. Checking the pins probably isn’t a bad idea after all.

If the room is too hot it will never finish cooling. The basic cannot cool to lower than the room temperature.

I have a Pro, it’s strange because the room has air conditioning and it’s still not cooled…

Have you tried a hard reset? I don’t know if it’ll work but I’d probably give it a shot. No network connectivity can cause the GF to do really weird things, like not fully start up. Resetting would eliminate that (unlikely?) possibility.

You mean the process of reconnecting to WiFi? or is there another way to completely restore it?

Yeah, I think you hold the button down for a time and it goes back to teal, and you go through setup?

If you haven’t tried it yet, you might also reset your wireless router. Network issues are weird, hard to diagnose. I’ve not heard anyone being unable to clear an error code like yours because of network issues, but a hard reset might be worth a shot.

as @jules describes thusly:

I’m so sorry about the trouble. I’ve taken a look, and your Glowforge appears to have a consistent connection, so performing Wi-Fi setup again should not be necessary.

If you are venting outdoors, ensure that changing conditions do not cause extreme temperatures or humidity to enter the Glowforge unit through the exhaust hose. Disconnect the hose from the outside air when the Glowforge is not in use.

We’re looking into your report now, and I’ll follow up as soon as we have more information. In the meantime, could you please let me know the temperature of the room the Glowforge is currently in?

Thank you in advance.

the temperature is now 25 ℃, it is usually cool always, and when it is too hot I use air conditioning

I’m sorry for the confusion and for the disappointing news: as we said by email, we recommend a warranty replacement for this unit as we believe it has a hardware issue.