Procedurally generated snowflakes (great for ornaments or coasters)

With the help of the awesome tool created by GitLab user JDFranel, I created a web tool that procedurally generates snowflakes given 3 properties to use and exports them as Glowforge-friendly SVGs.

  • You can use the snowflake size/complexity option to change the complexity of the snowflakes.
  • You can use the SVG Padding option to change the size of the viewbox of the SVG. You may need to tweak this if you are changing the circle padding or the size.
  • You can use the circle padding option to change how much space there is between the extents of the snowflake and the outer circle

This project is open source and I would appreciate contributions if you are so inclined


Nice project. For the curious, here’s an example of the output:


Previously in generated snowflakes:


Thanks! Thats a really cool tool as well (much nicer UI :slight_smile: )

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How cool, I’ll have to check it out!

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